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About Road Department

Roads Department of ASC Infratech Pvt Ltd has experienced personnel with expertise in specific activities in this field like Road designs, Transport Planning, Urban Planning, Traffic Engineering and Design etc. Many of ASC Infratech Pvt Ltd experts have exposure and experience in both developing and developed countries. Expertise embraces all types of studies and designs for Roads.

Roads Department operates with state-of-the-art techniques in a fully computerised environment. Roads Department is well equipped with access to modern hardware and advanced software such as: MOSS-MX, BISAR, HCS3, HDMIV etc. In association with the in-house Bridges and Geotechnical Engineer, this Department can design highways, expressways, other roads, road widening, flexible and rigid pavements, road furniture, landscaping, interchanges, cross-drainage works, highway management systems etc. as a component of highway projects as well as optimise designs for issues connected with construction material, foundation and land acquisition. This Engineers in the Department have carried out many highway projects, especially BOT Projects, and has provided engineering services for Construction Supervision and Project Management.

  • Traffic Analysis and Forecasting.
  • Traffic Engineering.
  • Mass Transport Planning.
  • Planning of Public Transport.
  • Infrastructure Planning.
  • Design of Road / Highway Rehabilitation.
  • Economic & Financial Analysis.
  • Road / Highway Rehabilitation